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France and the US are the most visited nations in the world. On the other end of the spectrum are the least visited countries which are shunned by tourists for reasons such as terrorism, diseases, distance, red tape, bad infrastructure etc. Tourism Review reveals the 10 least visited countries in the world. Some of them have a surprisingly lot to offer to tourists who are willing to buck the trend and take the risk of traveling there.

10. Afghanistan: 17,500 tourists (2012)

If you say you wish to visit Afghanistan for tourism, you are likely to be considered a liar and denied entry. So prepare a plausible cover story that can convince the authorities. Afghanistan has beautiful and wild mountains, but they are infested by terrorists and bandits. We advise you to desist visiting the country until things become more normal.

9. Comoros: 15,000 tourists (2010)

The drawbacks plaguing this nation are irritating mosquitoes that carry malaria, and lack of basic infrastructure such as air connection and public transport. On the plus side, you can have a great time thanks to the beautiful coastline, vibrating markets, friendly people and great seafood.

8. Sao Tome and Principe: 8,000 tourists (2010)

This country is one of the most remote places in the world with no air connection. You have to travel by ship to reach there. If you do, you can enjoy hiking and clicking pictures on the picturesque mountains and goofing around on the stunning beaches. The street food is worth trying. Forget about using credit cards and bring plenty of cash to survive here.

7. Turkmenistan: 7,000 tourists (2007)

Turkmenistan has a reputation of being a "crazy" country akin to North Korea. The highlight for tourists is the "door to hell", a burning crater located in the Karakum desert. The fantastic experience of viewing this awesome natural phenomenon is worth the long drive and an overnight stay in a tent nearby.

6. Equatorial Guinea: 6,000 tourists (2012)

It is next to impossible to get a tourist visa for this nation. And you are not allowed to take pictures of anything looking official including the presidential palace. Trivia buffs might be interested to learn that Equatorial Guinea is the only African country where Spanish is spoken.

5. Marshall Islands: 5,000 tourists (2011)

Highlights of the Islands are the beaches with crystal clear water where you can frolic to your heart's content. You can also have a great time diving at the atolls. But accommodation is expensive.

4. Kiribati: 4,700 tourists (2011)

This nation of atolls is heaven for those who love water sports, fishing, diving, snorkeling and having fun at the beach. But getting to this remote nation is difficult as it is not well connected by air.

3. Tuvalu: 1,200 tourists (2011)

Environment experts state Tuvalu may become the first victim of global warming and submerge completely if sea levels rise too high. The government is planning to buy land in other places to migrate its people. This is a typical Pacific island with beaches and palm trees.


2. Somalia: 500 tourists (2012)

Tourism is plagued by war, unstable governments, violent extremists and strict laws. But things have started to improve and businesses have begun to thrive.

1. Nauru: 200 tourists (2011)

If you are fit enough, you can simply run around this tiny nation of just 21 square kilometers and visit all the wonderful beaches. The high point for tourists is fishing or diving at the surrounding coral reefs.

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