Michael Trout - Feb 20, 2012
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Tarifa often remains in the shade of more prominent Spanish cities, like Barcelona, Madrid or Seville. What a shame considering the picturesque beauty and character of this coastal town.

Tarifa lies in the southernmost part of Spain and often is not the number one choice on the itinerary for most. Many who do end up visiting Tarifa claim it is one of the finest Spanish cities.

It is true indeed; Tarifa is a fascinating place with wonderful architecture and moving history, lovely beaches and delicious cuisine. Adventurers will hardly lack activities to indulge in as there is much to do here.

To get to Tarifa, one may travel through Algeciras and then take a bus, or alternatively, rent a car and enjoy the breathtaking oceanic vistas when driving south.

Visitors should not miss out on a proper tapas tour, local specialty. The dishes are luckily not huge and thus tourists may wonder from one tapas bar to another and enjoy the variety. Morocco is not far from here and a ferry trip there and back will also become a culturally unique experience.

Travelers who long to relax will certainly find the Paseo Marítimo and Playa de Los Lances very interestning and will without doubt enjoy pristine waters and the white sandy beaches there. Visiting the Castillo de de Guzmán el Bueno is certainly an unforgettable experience, especially considering its sad history.

In 1292, the Moors kidnapped the son of general Guzmán asking him to surrender the castle. He refused, dropped his dagger - which sadly the Moors used to cut his son’s throat. The disturbing history only contributes to the strong impression the castle makes on any visitor.

Adventure seekers will feel at home in Tarifa. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are deep rooted here, as well as horseback riding on the beach or mountain biking.

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