Denise Chen - Mar 1, 2012
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For someone who loves traveling around the world, Spain is definitely a place worth visiting. Being one of the most famous European countries, it can be very expensive especially if it is your first time to go there. However, your budget should not stop you from enjoying this marvelous destination.

Since Spain is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe, many of its cities are rather expensive. Still it is possible to enjoy many of the local attractions with lower budget. Before you pack your luggage and book for a flight, you should first know which place to go and how to have a great time without letting you spend too much. Traveling on a budget is often a top priority, so here you have five top destinations that you can include on your itinerary.

Being Spain's second largest city, Barcelona definitely has more than enough to offer. It has several historical sites that describe the Spanish culture and heritage. Here you can enjoy museums and parks with very low (if not free) entrance and accommodation. Some of the top places to visit in Barcelona would be Museu Piccaso, La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Montjuic and Tibidabo. So if you are someone who enjoys history and nature, this is a perfect destination for you and your pocket.

The ever famous capital of Spain and its largest city, Madrid can also be an affordable place to consider. Being located in the heart of the peninsula, the city offers cheap hotels, restaurants and tourist spots. You won't even have to spend a lot as you wander around this historical city. There are museums such as the Prado Museum, Thyssen Museum and the Reina Sofia. This is also your chance to see real bull fights which is something that tourists would often look for whenever they visit Spain.

Approximately 3 hours from Barcelona, Valencia can also be quite an experience to explore while on your cheap holidays to Spain. Start by visiting the city's main squares – Plaza Ayuntamiento and Plaza de la Verge. Take time to also visit the Valencia Cathedral, City of Arts and Sciences, Mercado Central, Bioparc and Turia River.

Known as the home of bullfighting and flamenco, there are also a lot of things to do and enjoy in Seville. Aside from the famous Cathedral and Giralda Tower, there is also the Alcazar and Plaza de Espana. If you are an animal lover, you will surely enjoy a trip to the Animal Market on a Sunday morning. Find anything you want to see from a variety of dogs, cats, birds and more.

Since you are spending your budget holidays, there is definitely no other way to make the best out of it by getting some things for free. In Granada, you can actually eat some tapas and enjoy free drinks with it. This is absolutely the place to stay if you want to eat, drink and have fun.

These are only five of the top places to visit in Spain. As you can clearly see, this country offers a lot of things to enjoy even when you are on a tight budget. Compared to most European countries, Spain is a perfect place where you can relax, tour around, take wonderful photos and enjoy the best budget holidays you can ever imagine.

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