Tomas Haupt - Apr 1, 2013
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Last year Taiwan's tourism came on in leaps and bounds. It has progressed so much that visitor arrival figures are hitting a new high and sector expansion is surpassing worldwide averages, reports Economic Development and Planning. This is a crucial time for Taiwan.

Taiwan's tourism industry is advancing beyond all measure. In fact, the government has brought forward policies that have helped the local sector.

Measures that the government has adopted include improved marketing campaign to influence the reputation of Taiwan as a wonderful tourist venue. Things like extra international flights, making visa applications easier, streamlined immigration procedures and opening mainland Chinese visits have all helped push Taiwan into the forefront.

Latest figures show that Taiwan's 2012 foreign tourist numbers increased by 20.1 percent to a new high of 7 million. Between January and August 2012 tourism grew by 4%. During 2009 and 2011, international tourism receipts increased for the year, beating other markets.

There have been advancements in regulation, security and safety. All of this growth is pleasing, but one must also tread carefully. Learning from past mistakes will help Taiwan to stay on top.

Taiwan has massive room for improvement where environmental sustainability tourism infrastructure and natural resources are concerned. The CEPD are trying to attract visitors from poorer towns and Muslim countries. The government wants to develop initiatives that would help people come to Taiwan and improve their stay here. Another CEPD project looks at upgrading local hotels, Taiwan will see 550 star rated hotels.

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