Bill Alen - Jun 25, 2012
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The inbound tourism industry of Taiwan has been growing over the past few years. Amidst this success, the country’s tourism authorities are still enhancing their promotional efforts to make sure that number of tourists will continuously to growth.

Their latest efforts were regarding a promotion of the fourth Straits Forum located in the port city of Xiamen somewhere in southeast China’s Fuijan province. There was food, postcards of sceneries and some traditional folk dancing as well.

Taiwan’s 3 famous island’s namely Penghu, Kinmen and Matzu along with the Tainan city exhibited their scenic spots, famous local products and credentials on investments. The forum was successful as 400 people willingly participated. A fair was held especially for Taiwanese products like food and handicrafts.

The deputy director of Tainan city’s tourism bureau, Lin Kuo-Hua, who is also the organizer of the fair declared that Tainan is one of the places in the world with the most beautiful landscapes. Top of the line eating experience is also available to all tourists. The country’s entrenched culture can easily be celebrated. At the next stage promote medical tourism will be promoted.

The increase in Taiwan’s tourism can also be attributed to the many direct flights functioning across the Taiwan Strait. Aside from that, there are policies constructive for cross-Strait exchanges. During the last days of April 2012, residents of six mainland’s cities were given the permission to visit Taiwan individually under a strict cross-Strait agreement. This in addition to already approved cities namely Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen.

1.06 million mainlanders visited Taiwan from January to May of 2012. These numbers imply a 48% rise in 2011’s data. These figures come directly from the Beijing Office of Taiwan Strait Tourism Association. According to Lin, the population of 1.3 billion in mainland can still be improved through promotional events in Tainan.

Li Wo-shi, a representative from Kinmen county, somewhere near Xiamen said the county had greater promotional techniques last year when he travelled to 4 different mainland cities to promote his hometown. Their visit to Qingdao and 3 other areas in Fujian gave his team amazing feedback. The society embraces policies favourable to tourism because it brigs opportunities in different industries and a better understanding among people. A noticeable rise of 300,000 people as mainland travellers is composed of a mixed population of individual and group tourists. Chen Ren-He, head of Penghu Tourism Association said that he expects a large improvement in the number of mainland travellers and are ready with services to keep tourists busy and entertained.

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