Denise Chen - Mar 14, 2011
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In the annual Nation Brands Index (NBI), Switzerland has remained in the highest position on average thus proving that it still is one of the most appealing countries in the world.


The annual Nation Brands Index 2010 shows that Switzerland remains one of the most attractive countries in the world. According to the latest news published on Htr.ch, the environmental protection and life quality in Switzerland reaches the best results. The respect for citizens and their political rights belongs among the other strengths of the country. Nevertheless, Switzerland lost in these areas to Canada.

The biggest loss that Switzerland suffered considers the population: Switzerland dropped down four places and ended on 8th place among 50 countries. In comparison to other countries such drop is not bad at all as for example Turkey fell down 22 places. As far as immigration and investment are concerned Switzerland reached the 5th place. Concerning export the country fell down to the 7th place. With respect to tourism Switzerland remained on the 11th place. However, Switzerland did not reach high position in culture. It ended on the 20th place.

The truth is that the image of Switzerland in more distant countries is much better than in Europe. The only exception is Germany that put Switzerland in the 2nd place. The country has the worst image in Turkey that placed it on the 12th position. The first three places were taken by the USA, Germany and France.

The NBI rates the countries according to six criteria: governance, export, tourism, investment, immigration, culture and heritage. The data for the index are collected by a New York based research institute GFK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications and a British research company Simon Anhol.

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