Daniel A. Tanner - Dec 6, 2010
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Swiss regions value their loyal guests who keep coming back. Famous ski resorts offer various awards to regular visitors starting with a bottle of champagne and ending with a Matterhorn jewel. 


What is the approach of different regions in Switzerland to returning visitors - this was the main questions of a recent survey organized by server The results show that the only place with no regular guest concept is surprisingly one of the most famous in the Alpine country - St.Moritz.

Martin Berthold, director of sports and events at St. Moritz, claims that there are no residence limits. However, they organize activities such as regular guest invitations. The guests who come on regular basis are given a book, champagne or a bouquet of flowers. Guests from companies that make regular bookings at the hotel are then invited for a drink.

The guests who remain loyal to the ski resort Bettmeralp can expect the first gifts after 10 years. They usually get a basket with local specialties. The longer the guests stay loyal the better the presents. Those who keep coming to Bettmeralp for 50 and more years can look forward to the invitation to a dinner with the director of tourism, Hans Wespi.

In Zermatt, another popular ski resort, the tourism director welcomes the loyal guests in person. Since 1984, 12,521 guests have received the Medal of Honor, which is given to every guest who remains loyal to Zermatt for 20-49 years. When the guest keep coming back for 50 years, men receive a pocket knife and women get a Matterhorn jewel.

City tourism organizations appreciate loyal guests differently than the representatives of holiday regions. As the tourism director in Zürich said they distinguish between customers who visit just once or twice and those who come regularly. Loyal visitors can then look forward to be appreciated by the local hotels. They hold regular guest meetings for companies that often use their services. The firms that often book sightseeing tours can look forward to receiving information and newsletters regularly.

Basel tourism, on the other hand, organizes annual event to which 50-100 people who booked meetings at Basel that year are invited. St. Gallen organizes similar event to which the conference guests that came to the city that year are invited.

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