Sara Thopson - Jul 3, 2023
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According to the recently released "National Summer Vacation Tourism Development Report," there is a high demand for summer travel in China this year. Additionally, the report notes that the supply chain for tourism is continuously improving and becoming more efficient.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Data Center's survey, the overall desire to travel to traditional hot cities has reached 94.6% in the third quarter of this year. Regarding frequency, 38.4% of residents plan to travel twice, and 35.1% plan to travel three times this summer.

As summer approaches, the report shows that the combination of the Dragon Boat Festival, graduation season, and summer vacation tourism has increased leisure time for many people. As a result, most people plan their summer vacations in the first half of the summer to avoid the peak travel season and meet their travel needs. According to data from Hornet's Nest, there was a 150% increase in "domestic summer vacation" content in June, indicating a surge in demand for summer vacation travel.

Leisure Travel Accounts for More Than 80%

The report shows this year's summer vacation travel trends are clear. Most people travel medium to long distances, with self-driving, backpacking, and self-guided tours being the most popular modes of travel, accounting for 83.1% of trips. Tourists base their destination choices on climate, available tourism resources, and brand recognition. Interestingly, compared to 2019, the importance of a vacation destination's brand in a tourist's decision-making process has significantly increased.

Summer vacation tourists enjoy activities like visiting water parks, rafting, climbing mountains, and exploring ancient cities. Summer vacation tourism offerings, such as cultural experiences and folklore in popular destinations, still have potential. Summer vacation tourism themes are the countryside, wetland lakes, and mountains.

Building a New Industry Pattern

An increasing number of travelers in China prioritize climate when selecting tourist destinations. They are more willing to travel for summer vacations, and this trend is expanding to a broader audience. A recent report indicates that approximately 300 million people, comprising older individuals, students and teachers, and residents of hot cities, demonstrate a strong desire for summer vacations.

After almost a decade of development, summer vacation tourism has progressed beyond its initial conceptual stage. It is entering a new phase, where policies and commercial practices will be promoted to integrate recreational and cultural tourism. This has become a shared belief among tourists, investors, and market players in sustainable and healthy growth.

The report suggests that summer vacation tourism should be divided into different categories based on the needs of specific groups. These categories include elderly recreation, parent-child family vacation, youth study vacation, forest vacation, rural vacation, and mountain vacation. Each category requires specific supporting products and service facilities to improve the overall experience.

Summer tourism destinations in China should support market players and encourage them to invest in research and development for urban space reuse and redeveloping urban leisure resources. It also recommends promoting collaboration between tourism industry stakeholders to cater to the changing needs of summer travelers. This approach will help establish a new pattern in the industry and foster new momentum.

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