Wayne M. Gore - Nov 11, 2013
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In 2012, Spanish business travelers spent 80% of their budget for transport services like plane tickets and trains. The rest, only 20% of the expenses, went to hotels, car renting and other services. These are the results of a study by Diners Club Spain.

The survey organized among corporations revealed that 71% of business travel expenses in the past year went to airplanes and 9% to trains. In 61% of cases the business travelers chose Spanish airlines Iberia, Vueling and Air Europa, while 6% of travelers opted for low-cost companies like Easy Jet and Ryanair.

46% of the flights were international mostly heading to European destinations. Among the national flights, the two most common destinations were Madrid and Barcelona, with a total of 33% of registered flights.

Both cities top the list of the ten most frequented destinations for business travelers in 2012. 19% of business trips headed to Madrid and 9% to Barcelona. Regarding the length of stay in hotels, 81% of business travelers booked their rooms for two nights.

Vast majority of companies worked with a single travel agency organizing the business trips. 93% of the business travels were provided by the top five biggest agencies on the Spanish market.

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