Samuel Dorsi - Apr 7, 2014
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The Spanish find themselves among the most frugal of the world when dealing with the average price paid in hotels in other countries within the last year with an average of 103 euros per night, per room, according to the Hotel Price Index, or HPI, conducted by

As such, Spain occupies the fourth position, starting at the end of the classification, in front of Holland (102 euros), Taiwan (98 euros), and Malaysia (97 euros).

Swiss tourists are the largest hotel spenders on international trips with an average of 137 euros per room, per night; while Americans, with 131 euros, occupy second place.

In fact, Swiss visitors pay a higher hotel charge inside their country as well as outside its borders. So, Switzerland was also the country that spent a higher average price on domestic hotels with 160 euros per night, per room.

In general, the countries in the center and the north of Europe take the first positions in the ranks with Norway in third position with an average expenditure of 130 euros, followed by Sweden (125 euros) and the United Kingdom (128 euros).

In fifth position are Argentinean travelers who spent an average of 128 euros on hotel stays. In the Asian market, the Japanese and the Chinese, with an average spending of 128 and 127 euros respectively, made it into the top 10.

Asians, The Biggest Savers

According to the study, the average price paid by national travelers in Spanish hotels was also among the five lowest on the chart with 74 euros on average.

On the bottom part of the list, there were other European countries that registered low spending averages within their borders, like the case of Portugal (71 euros), France (82 euros), Ireland (85 euros), Italy (86 euros), and Germany (88 euros).

However, India (68 euros), Thailand (67 euros), and Malaysia (67 euros) close the ranks with travelers who paid the lowest for hotels in their own countries.

Australia, with an average expenditure per stay of 127 euros, continues to have a position on the podium in front of another European country with a higher average in domestic hotels, being Sweden whose inhabitants paid an average of 126 euros per night in 2013.

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