Anna Luebke - Dec 5, 2011
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Eco-tourism has become a buzz word within the industry in recent years. An increasing number of destinations have introduced sites which focus on conservation and eco-tourism. One of these is now South Mississippi and the Gulf Islands Seashore.

Eco-tourism has certainly gained a highly regarded status within the travel industry. Its mission is more than clear and often leads to interesting initiatives and projects which help protect the environment and spread awareness.

Many destinations are aware of the increasing demand for eco-tourism and thus are trying to focus on these in their promotion campaigns. South Mississippi is one of the most recent ones and local representatives are working hard on creating the necessary conditions.

Outdoor enthusiasts long to explore wonderful natural sceneries and do not fear roughing it a little. This is exactly what they enjoy most and whether they are youngsters or retirees, the Gulf Islands Seashore is a match to their expectations.

This unique 12-unit park is to be found in Mississippi and Florida and features areas which are accessible by car and some which are only approachable by boat. In fact there are two districts, located approximately a 2-hour drive apart, and both offer a selection of well equipped as well as simple campgrounds.

Four visitor centers are ready to welcome tourists and recommend the most remarkable places to see. There are plenty of activities to indulge in, including hiking, cycling, swimming and snorkeling, fishing, bird-watching, and boating. Currently, in order to focus on the ‘eco’ aspects, locals are mapping the area to create a network of trails which will then attract the eco tourists.

There is plenty to discover including the Pascagoula River as well as the islands. Local beaches are unusually white and there is wilderness there that requires protection, too. Part of the Petit Bois and Horn Islands are prime examples.

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