Larry Brain - Mar 29, 2012
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Spending your family holiday in Florida is a great option since the state has many activities for parents and children on offer.

Florida is known for richness of activities available to tourists ranging from theme parks to national parks to capture the attention of many different age groups. What are the most favorite family destinations in Florida?

In Tampa, the Busch Gardens offer a family entertainment experience like no other. The theme of the park is adventures in Africa. The park contains a zoo with thousands of animals as well as many themed rides for a variety of ages. The Busch Gardens are a great place to spend an entire day and visitors to the area are sure to be entertained by the live shows, shops, and restaurants. 

The gardens are open year-round and are also accessible for handicapped visitors. This park is just one of the reasons the area is becoming such a hotbed for developers new communities like Esplanade of Tampa.

For the more adventurous family, the Lion Country Safari is a good option. The park has two different parts: a walk through park and a drive through park. Visitors can drive through four miles of safari and see thousands of animals from the safety of their car. The walk through park is a more hands on experience yet it is shorter. Some of the popular features of the safari are the petting zoo, animal theatre, and paddle boats. The Lion Country Safari has been a favorite with tourists for many years.

Another popular animal themed location is Seaworld. Featuring Shamu, the park's most famous resident, visitors to the Seaworld can go on rides, dine underwater in the grill, or look at the hundreds of aquatic exhibits. At the end of the day, Seaworld has a fireworks show, making it a favorite for young children.

After so many themed parks, it may be nice to kick back and enjoy a little less technology. For a day outside, choose St. Andrew's State Park. Just outside of Panama City Beach, the park is a haven of natural beauty. Families can snorkel, kayak, or even scuba dive for an interactive adventure. Any avid fishermen can also fish off either of the two piers in the area. The park opens at eight in the morning and is a great place to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the entire day.

Of course, any description of family vacation places in Florida would be incomplete without mentioning Disneyworld, probably the top vacation spot in the state. Disneyworld is one of the most family friendly locations in the United States and has hundreds of attractions and rides for children of all ages. Disneyworld often offers vacation packages, making it a more affordable option for families and these packages usually include meals and a hotel for a low price. It's a great place to spend a few days. Also several airlines currently offer cheap flights to Florida affordable even to larger families.

These are a few of the top vacation spots for families in Florida. Anyone vacationing with kids would have a great time at these locations.

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