Feb 24, 2014
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This result represented the arrival of 318,000 additional international tourists than those who came during 2012. According to statistics from the Worldwide Tourism Organization (OMT), during 2013, South America grew 2.4%, while worldwide growth was 5%.

Mincetur highlighted the main countries that sent tourists to Peru were Venezuela with an increase of 140%, Ecuador (18.3%), and Brazil (13.8%).

In addition, Chile (the main market for sending tourists to Peru) recorded an increase of 9.9%, while the United States recorded 9%. In Chile's case, the main point of entry was the Border Control Post of Santa Rosa in Tacna.

The large dynamic is explained by better connectivity with Arequipa, Cusco, and Puno as destination places for Chilean tourists. Likewise, the improvements in the quality of touristic services in Peru regarding the city of Arica (medical and gastronomic services, in particular) are worth mentioning.

At the regional level, South America grew 14.5%, and 57.4% of the total of international tourists who reached Peru were concentrated there.

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