Bill Alen - Jun 22, 2015
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International tourist arrivals grew by 8.4% in the first quarter of 2015. Chile, United States, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Spain and Germany are the main source markets.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), Magali Silva Velarde-Álvarez, reported that with a total of 1,130, 216 visitors, international tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2015 grew 8.4% compared to the same period in 2014. She made special mention of the fact that Chile increased its inflow of visitors by 50, 821, growing by 16.4%, and with 31.9% of total arrivals, consolidated its position as the main source market for tourists entering the country.

"We are seeing the fruits of the promotion campaign in Chile’s main cities and at the border, which has served to reverse the negative trend witnessed last year," she said.

The growth in the first quarter is also seen for many source countries of the Latin American region, such as Ecuador with 10.9%; Argentina with 8.4%; Mexico with 8.2%; Colombia with 7.4% and Brazil with 3.7%. There is also an increase of tourist arrivals for Germany with 6.9% and Spain with 6.4%.

The main Latin American markets for Peru, representing 54.6% of total tourist inflow in the first four months of the year, sustained significant growth, led by Chile, with 16.4%.  This means that the MINCETUR strategy is paying off.

Similarly, Ecuador has grown 10.9% during this period, exceeding the average reached in the first quarter, where the border tourism campaign is especially relevant, as are the platforms to promote Peruvian cuisine.

Meanwhile in Asia, South Korea continues its sustained growth with 59%, exceeding the first quarter accumulated average. In this market we are maintaining a presence at important international events.

In Europe, growth is noted in Italy with 9.3% and the United Kingdom with 6.3%, followed by France, Germany and Spain, markets where the advertising campaign, “Peru Country of Hidden Treasures,” which targets the final consumer, is being developed.

Italy is also collaborating with Peru in “Feed Your Soul”, a gastronomic initiative organized by MINCETUR  under the 2015 Milan Expo to promote Peruvian culinary culture.

Under this initiative, which will run until early September, recognized Peruvian chefs prepare a variety of dishes from the Ristorante Daniel in Milan to be enjoyed by the Italian and other tourists visiting the country.

On the US side, Minister Magali Silva, announced that Peru will shortly host the Smithsonian Institute’s Folklife Festival, called Peru: Pachamama, in Washington DC. "It is a meeting of cultural expressions that will allow millions of viewers to come to see a country with great potential as a tourist destination," she said. The US market accounts for 14% of total arrivals between January and April, and is the second largest source market of visitors to Peru.


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