Ashley Nault - Nov 14, 2021
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In the Czech Republic, 13 railway companies have signed an agreement to offer OneTicket, a one-way ticket that facilitates travel throughout the country.

Since July 2021, travelers who want to explore the country by train can purchase a single train ticket accepted by several rail companies covering 99% of train routes.

The flexible ticket allows the passengers to travel on any rail route with one or more connections provided by different companies, which until now did not always recognize the tickets of their competitors.

The single train ticket "significantly expands the possibility of traveling on the entire railway network of the Czech Republic," said Karel Havlícek, the Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic.

OneTicket can be purchased at the transport companies' points of sale, directly online at oneticket cz (available in English), or through an available app.

The passengers receive the ticket in paper form or electronically on their phone, which they present to the ticket inspectors inside the trains.

However, it is necessary for travelers to compare the prices, since OneTicket may not always be the cheapest option. For instance, the single train ticket for passengers going from Prague to Ostrava costs CZK 531 (EUR 21.03), while the ticket for ČD train is only CZK 369 (EUR 14.62) and for RegioJet train only CZK 319 (EUR 12.64) on the same route.

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