Gregory Dolgos - Apr 24, 2023
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Are you planning your summer trip to Europe? Well, that’s a commendable ambition, as many fantastic destinations won’t leave even the most demanding travelers cold. However, not everyone likes the idea of traveling by plane or car, especially when many fantastic destinations are located too close to each other. This is where a train might be the right solution! Nevertheless, finding the right travel tickets may be challenging, especially if you are not an experienced traveler. So, if you are one of them, check out this post and learn more about some insightful tips that might help make your travel experience smoother and more rewarding. Are you excited? Get comfortable and have a look!

Benefits of Sleeping on Rails

Night train travel in Europe has many benefits. It's a great way to save time and money while also adding a little adventure to your journey. Instead of spending hours in the airport, you can board the train and wake up in a new city. Night trains also allow you to maximize your travel time by sleeping while you travel. This means you can spend more time exploring during the day and less time traveling.

Moreover, night train travel is an opportunity to meet new people. You'll be sharing a compartment or cabin with other travelers, which can be a great way to make new friends and exchange travel tips. Plus, many night trains have dining cars where you can grab a bite or drink with your fellow travelers.

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Types of Night Trains in Europe

There are two main types of night trains in Europe: sleeper trains and couchette trains.
Sleeper trains offer private cabins with beds, while couchette trains have shared compartments with bunk beds. Sleeper trains are more expensive but offer more privacy and comfort, while couchette trains are more budget-friendly but can be noisy and cramped.

Sleeper trains typically have three types of cabins: single, double, and triple. Single cabins are the most expensive but offer the most privacy, while triple cabins are the most budget-friendly but can be cramped. Double cabins are a good option for couples or friends traveling together.

Couchette trains usually include four or six bunk beds in a compartment. That’s a superb option for those traveling with friends because, in this case, you can book an entire apartment! However, you’ll share your apartment with others if you travel alone.

Choosing the Right Sleeping Accommodation

It goes without saying that if you travel by train your first and foremost task is to choose the right sleeping accommodation that will surely meet your needs. This is where a lot depends on your trip and your requirements. For example, if you travel alone, you should opt for a couchette train. However, if you value privacy, it will be better for you to choose a sleeper train. But in this case, you must pay attention to the cabin size. The thing is that single cabins are the best options, but they are also the most expensive ones. Double cabinets are suitable for couples or friends.

If you prefer a couchette train, you must pay attention to the number of bunks in the compartment. Four-bunk compartments are more spacious than six-bunk compartments, but they can also be more expensive. If you want to avoid inconveniences, you should follow these recommendations.

Popular Night Train Routes in Europe

Well, what routes are the most exciting ones? Let’s briefly run over them:

  • Paris to Venice

The Paris to Venice night train is one of the most scenic routes in Europe. The train travels through the French countryside before crossing the Alps into Italy. The journey takes around 14 hours, and sleeper and couchette options are available.

  • Amsterdam to Berlin

The Amsterdam to Berlin night train is a great way to travel between these two popular European cities. The journey takes around 7 hours, and sleeper and couchette options are available.

  • Madrid to Lisbon

The Madrid to Lisbon night train is a great way to travel between Spain and Portugal. The journey takes around 10 hours, and sleeper and couchette options are also available.


Overall, we can see that night travel in Europe is a superb chance to save your precious time on the road. Moreover, this will surely add a little adventure to your journey. So, follow our insightful tips and start packing your gear! An unforgettable trip is just around the corner!

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