Richard Moor - Oct 31, 2016
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Russia represents a tourism market with one of the greatest increases in the number of tourists in Vietnam.

The number of Russian tourists coming to Vietnam reached almost 300,000 in the first eight months of 2016, which is an increase of 125% as compared to last year. More Russian tourists are expected to come to the country in the final months of the year, according to travel experts.

The National Tourism Administration has identified Russia as a key tourism market for Vietnam.

Vietnam is considered a safe and friendly destination with many attributes that appeal to Russian visitors, such as its sandy beaches, sunny weather during a good part of the year, luxury tourist establishments, a rich culture, and delicious food.

Vietnam welcomed over 7.2 million international tourists in the first nine months of 2016, which is an increase of 25.7% in a single year. The Vietnamese tourism industry has grossed over 13.36 billion dollars in revenue (+20.2%).

The Northeast Asian tourism markets recorded the most significant increase, including Hong Kong (+79%), China (+57.7%), the Republic of Korea (+39.9%), and Taiwan (+15.7%).

Five Western European countries, whose residents benefit from visa exemption, maintained double-digit growth:  Italy (+31.1%), Spain (+27.9%), the United Kingdom (+23.1%), Germany (+18.6%), and France (+13.8%).

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