Ashley Nault - Nov 30, 2023
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The Rugby World Cup played a significant role in achieving good French tourism results. According to Atout France, the state promotion agency, revenues increased to 50.4 billion euros from January to September 2023, 11.6% higher than last year. This figure is even 12.4% higher than the revenue generated in 2019.

International tourism receipts reached €6.2 billion in September, marking a solid increase in spending by Americans (+40% compared to 2019, +7% compared to September 2022) and a gradual rebound of Asian customers, particularly Japanese. The hotel industry saw a significant increase in RevPAR (revenue per room), the sector's flagship indicator, in September 2021 in comparison to both September 2019 (+24%) and September 2022 (+11%). Additionally, the Rugby World Cup from September 8 to October 28 was vital in boosting the number of overnight stays by international tourists from the competing countries. In the nine host cities of the competition, the number of overnight stays spent by international tourists increased by 39%.

A vital sign for the Olympics

For additional tourist flow, Australia has the highest percentage at 26%, followed by Japan at 22%. Argentina is responsible for 7% of the observed growth, while South Africa, Uruguay, and New Zealand contribute 6%, 5%, and 4% respectively. Among the Europeans, the Irish and British have a significant presence, with 12% and 16%, respectively, contributing to the increase in tourist flow.

According to Atout France, the latest barometer on travel intentions carried out in ten countries confirms that France will remain one of the most attractive destinations in Europe over the next six months. Atout France also believes that the end of the year looks promising. The Minister Delegate for Tourism, Olivia Grégoire, believes France will likely exceed last year's record by December. These results are welcomed, as they suggest a perfect tourist season next summer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games to benefit all the host territories. Caroline Leboucher, CEO of Atout France, says that the agency's efforts will be focused on preparing for this event, a great opportunity to enhance the French tourism potential of all destinations in France, especially those hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games events.

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