Kevin Eagan - Oct 25, 2023
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The Rugby World Cup is great for international tourism and helps Parisian hoteliers increase occupancy rates. According to the monthly barometer of Parisian tourism by Paris je t'aime, the city's tourist office, the Rugby World Cup has positively impacted tourist numbers. The press release states that if national tourist attendance in Paris is comparable to 2022, international tourists will record an increase (+15.6%). The growth is especially significant in markets where the team competes, with notable peaks on match days.

Parisian hotel's occupancy rate on match days is 82.9%. However, this is a slight decrease of -2.2% compared to 2022 and -3.6% compared to 2019. Other host cities of the competition are also benefiting from an increase in visitors from abroad, with Saint-Etienne (66.3%), Nice (88.2%), and even Nantes (78.8%) all experiencing higher occupancy rates. However, the remainder of the fall season presents a more uncertain picture.

Reservations from the Middle East are down noticeably

The current international geopolitical situation and the bomb threats that led to the evacuations of airports and monuments could impact tourism in Ile-de-France, particularly in Paris. According to experts, Google searches related to this theme have increased recently, but this will not significantly affect the city's long-term attractiveness.

Bookings in Parisian hotels for November from the Middle East have decreased by 49% compared to 2022 and 68% compared to 2019. However, international air arrivals for the end of the year are expected to follow the trends observed since spring. Traditional markets in Europe and North America mainly drive growth. It is estimated that these markets will grow by 23.2%, reaching a level comparable to that of 2019.

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