Andrea Hausold - Jul 29, 2023
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Going on holiday with your friends and family is a super special occasion where you make unforgettable memories with the most important people in your life. Sometimes the journey can be pretty stressful as you try to navigate busy airports and arrive at the right departure gates on time. Opting to use a private jet to travel on your holiday can take away some of the worst parts about going on holiday. Below we will go through some practical reasons you might need to hire a private jet for your next holiday.

Avoid the Hassle of Commercial Airports

Commercial airports become extremely busy, especially around the summer, with many people booking their yearly vacation around the same time. This can result in the airport becoming a bustling environment that isn’t enjoyable for anyone. There are often long lines to check luggage in, go through security and wait for the departure. If you opt to use a private jet charter, you can avoid all of these negative aspects of the airport, as private jets usually take off from much smaller airports that are nowhere near as busy.

You will not have to wait in long queues at these smaller airports to check in luggage and go through security. Instead, you will have a much more pleasant experience without hundreds of people running around you trying to catch their flight. After you try flying with a private jet once, you will never want to go through the hassle of going through commercial airports again.

Travel on Your Schedule


Another benefit of flying with a private jet charter is that you get to choose when you fly and where you depart. You and whoever you are traveling with are the only passengers on the private jet, which means you can be much more relaxed knowing that the plane will not take off without you. Delays are also less likely when you fly with a private jet compared to commercial airlines, so you won’t have to stress about missing the next part of your journey.

With commercial airlines, you are limited to the number of places you can travel, as only the most popular destinations are available. Private jet charters will fly you to where ever you like meaning you have much more choice and flexibility for the locations you can visit. This is very useful if there is a smaller airport closer to your final holiday destination that the private jet can land at, allowing you to get there in less time while being more comfortable.

Travel in Comfort

One of the main advantages of flying with a private jet charter over a commercial airline is that the journey will be much more pleasant and enjoyable. You get an aircraft for yourself and a crew to make your journey as comfortable as possible. This means they will fulfill any request, from the type of entertainment available on board the aircraft to the specific cuisine you would like to have in the air.

Private jets' interior maximizes your comfort on a flight, with luxurious furniture and plenty of room to get up and stretch your legs as much as you want. On commercial airlines, you are often crammed against other passengers, which can sometimes be quite loud and unpleasant.

Have a Productive Flight


Although you may be going on vacation, flights offer an excellent opportunity to get some work done. When it comes to doing work, it is much easier in a quiet and relaxing environment than you rarely get on a commercial airline. Private jets provide a comfortable setting to get on with your work and give you privacy to discuss with other colleagues and complete the project you are working on. You can also move around easily on a private jet and use desk space to share thoughts and ideas with others. 

Travel with Your Pets

If you are planning to travel on holiday with your pets, then you have to give a lot of consideration to how you are going to transport them. If you fly on a commercial airline, your pet will likely have to be stored in the hold, which may be quite distressing for them. Private jets are pet-friendly, meaning you can bring along your furry friend and have them sit on your lap for the entire trip. This means they get to enjoy the same luxurious experience on the flight as anyone else you are traveling with.


Planning a holiday takes a lot of time and consideration to ensure it is as smooth as possible. It is easy to see why many more people now choose to fly with a private jet charter. Not only is the flying experience more enjoyable, but there are also other benefits, such as flexible departure times and fewer queues to wait in. It is important to think about what is suitable for you before booking your next holiday and considering flying with a private jet.

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