Alec Hills - Jun 6, 2023
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Last week, transport ministers from the EU's 27 member states met in Luxembourg to discuss various issues, including the environmental impact of private jet travel. Austria, France, and the Netherlands collaborated on a letter sent to Frans Timmermans, the Commission's executive vice president in charge of EU climate policy, and the transport commissioner. The letter argued that tackling emissions from private jets is a matter of climate justice. Belgium and Ireland support stricter environmental regulations for private jets. The coalition stated that private air travel has an excessive per capita carbon footprint and is rightly criticized. The high per capita CO2 emissions generated by private flights were deemed unfair, as a small number of people caused the community significant harm.

A report by Transport & Environment Group has revealed that private jets produce 5 to 14 times more pollution per passenger than commercial airlines. Furthermore, a study by CE Delft showed private flights in Europe had grown significantly, with 572,806 flights recorded in 2022 – a 64% increase.

Voices against new rules for private jets

Germany and Malta have differing views on the proposed new regulations. Germany favors market intervention to reduce emissions, while Malta is concerned about the potential impact of overly strict rules on connectivity. Malta specifically warns that strict rules could disproportionately affect the country, as business aviation is an essential transportation link in states where business travel options are limited.

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