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Some of the most amazing views in the world cannot be seen from the ground, but you can enjoy them from a private jet! This is why the idea of chartering a private jet may be a fun way to indulge in some luxury and see them yourself. Such private jet charters are also very flexible so you can customize exactly what and when customer would like to see. This is a rare opportunity that few get to enjoy. Some of the most spectacular views possible are listed here for you to consider. Tourism Review, along with Chapman Freeborn, the aircraft charter specialists bring some unforgettable top breathtaking views from private jet.

Flores, Indonesia – Kelimutu Volcano

The centre region of Flores Island in Indonesia is where the Kelimutu Volcano is located. It is well known for the 3 crater lakes that are found at the summit. The lakes turn various colors due to the chemical components that are from the underlying volcanic activity. These colors can include: black, red, blue, green.

The mysterious elements of these lakes still thrill geologists. For the average person, these lakes provide them with an extraordinary view of water that they have never seen anything similar to. They can be seen on a flight from Bangkok to Sydney. However, most of the commercial airlines have to fly at an altitude that hinders the true beauty of the lakes. By chartering a private jet, there is the opportunity to see them at a lower elevation. The changes in color also mean that if you see them more than once, it can be a difference experience for you each time!

Southern Asia – The Himalayas

The magic of the Himalayas are often seen in photos, but they don’t do justice to what you will find by flying over them in a private jet. This is going to allow you to see the ranges and to identify the large peaks. These mountain ranges are very well known around the world, and you won’t be disappointed seeing them. There are more than 100 peaks that are over 23,000 feet high.

There are many flight paths approved through the Himalayas. These routes include those for commercial flights and for private jet charters. They are commonly viewed going through Asia. A partnership with the Kingdom of Bhutan was created with the purpose of ensuring private jets can take their passengers to see these lovely Himalayas.

Australia – Buccaneer Archipelago at Talbot Bay

The Western part of Australia is lovely, and it offers some terrific aerial views. Amazing tidal ranges can be seen from portions of Bucanneer Archipelago. Imagine a horizontal waterfall that flows across the water surface! This creates tides that move quickly through the tight spaces that are between the various islands. Even though you see this with your own eyes, it is still hard to believe what is right in front of you.

This is located at Talbot Bay and the entire area is very nice to look at from the air. The charter can also be set up to take you to a low altitude where you can view the sight much closer. This is a must see if you happen to be flying from Singapore to Sydney or vice versa.

Dubai, UAE – The Palm Jumeirah

Even though the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is man-made, it is still quite a breath taking sight. It was created using sand (94 million cubic metres) and rock (7 million tons)! The area is very impressive when you see it on land but it will blow you away when you get an aerial view. This is when the full size as well as the symmetrical elements can be fully appreciated.

Hawaii – Kauai Island

The 4th largest and the oldest of the Hawaii islands is Kauai. It is often referred to as Garden isle due to the natural beauty that is seen all around it. This is also one of the places on Earth with the most rainfall annually. There are awe inspiring waterfalls and canyons. There are also slopes created by the volcanoes. There is plenty of lush green foliage and who can forget the beautiful, warm water or the inviting sand of the beaches? A chartered personal jet over Kauai Island offers the experience to see something that many people will never have the opportunity to experience.

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