Bill Alen - Mar 23, 2015
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The USA is the leading private jet market in the world, according to NetJets, a provider of private aviation. This market is so dominant that it accounts for about sixty percent of private jet traffic. Europe is ranked just behind the US and it accounts for about a quarter of all private jet travel. Russia is a major destination for private jet travelers from Europe and Moscow is counted among the ten best routes and has the highest number of hours flown.

London is also an important investment destination and it receives about thirty percent of the most frequently traveled routes in this part of the world. There is a great synergy between New York and London and more and more people are traveling this route annually.

Dubai and the UAE are also important markets because the Middle East is the number three largest market in the world but it is being challenged by traffic to both China as well as Brazil. The traffic between Europe and Brazil has grown by twenty percent each year since 2010.

The African market on the other hand is much more segmented and Nigeria is counted among the ten fastest growing global routes. There is a significant synergy between the more common routes and flow of investment and London, along with New York being prime examples of relationship between property investment and flight routes.

Latin America was a big player as it invested a lot of money into Europe. However, it has been overtaken by the US. There is a significant correlation between investment and travel routes to and from Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina.

China is currently not ranked among the top ten in the private jet market. However, more and more Chinese are going to own private jets and from a present fleet of 330 private jets, it is estimated that by 2023 the fleet will grow to 1275 private jets. What’s more, travel within China by private jets will focus mainly on three key metropolises, which are Beijing and Shanghai as well as Hong Kong.

Even destinations as far as Maldives are seeing higher private jet travel and the same can be said of the Caribbean and Seychelles.

More than eighty percent of passengers flying on private jets are male. They are typically aged between forty and fifty-five years and private entrepreneurs are the ones who travel the most by private jets. They either work in the finance or industry or even the oil and gas industry. Some of them own technology companies.


Top 10 the Busiest Private Jet Routes

1. Moscow - Nice/Côte d’Azur
2. Miami - New York
3. New York - Los Angeles
4. New York - West Palm Beach
5. London - New York
6. London – Moscow
7. London - Nice/Côte d’Azur
8. Chicago - New York
9. Houston - New York
10. West Palm Beach - New York

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