Andrea Hausold - Jun 28, 2023
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According to the latest data in 2023, the top destinations for Chinese tourists in their European travels are Italy, Switzerland, France, and Germany.

38% of Chinese respondents indicated Italy as their top travel destination, followed by Switzerland (35%) and France (31%). About 23% choose to travel to Germany. On the other hand, Greece and Spain have a preference rate of 21% each.

Why did they choose this?

Chinese tourists prioritize safety, cost, and service quality when choosing a destination. At the same time, tourism activities such as gastronomy, entertainment, culture and history, scenery and accommodation, transportation, and climate take place in the destinations. Especially in Italy, cuisine, fashion brands and architecture, history, and sports are also at the forefront.

Many Chinese travelers utilize social media platforms such as TikTok and Weibo to gather information about their desired travel destinations. Social media remains the most crucial channel for Chinese travelers to collect information. About 66% of travelers use social media such as TikTok and Weibo to research their destination.

In addition, travel products, travel review sites (55%), domestic online travel agencies (49%), and official destination websites are reliable channels for travel planning.

Who and where do they stay?

A significant number of Chinese travelers (62%) who intend to travel plan to do so with their family, which includes their spouse, children, and parents. Traveling with friends (48%) and spouses (42%) are a common option.

The most favored choices for lodging are bed and breakfasts at 65% and boutique hotels at 55%. International luxury hotels rank third at 18%. Local homestays and hotels follow closely, with 18% and 12%, respectively.

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