Daniel A. Tanner - Jun 28, 2023
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As Asian tourists, especially Chinese millennials, gain more purchasing power and Generation Z comes of age, there is a shift in the type of Asian travelers and their behaviors. Therefore, it is essential to understand the new trends among Asian tourists to develop an effective marketing strategy.

A 2022 Dragon Trail report reveals that social media more influences these travelers than travel guides, who are more independent, and seek local experiences rather than large group organized tours. According to the report, the top two goals for Chinese tourists are to try local food (60.8%) and experience local life (56.7%).

Here are some strategies for EU businesses to connect with Asian tourists:

Connect with Asian Online Travel Agencies

To attract more Asian millennial travelers, it's wise to establish relationships with online travel agencies like Fliggy, a popular platform for Chinese tourists on Alibaba. It's vital to start collaborating with these agencies early since Asian tourists tend to plan their trips months in advance. This way, local businesses can gain visibility before the tourists even arrive at their destination.

Leverage Asian social networks

To attract more tourists from China and other Asian countries, it is essential to conduct digital marketing campaigns on Asian social networks. A report reveals that social media is the primary source of travel information for 69% of Chinese travelers. As a result, tourism companies must grasp how to execute successful campaigns on these platforms.

Facilitate Cross-Border Payments for Asia Tourists

In several Asian countries, especially China, credit cards are not widely used, and people prefer payments through mobile applications and QR codes. To attract Asian tourists, European companies should offer cross-border payment solutions like Alipay +, which enable the use of popular Asian e-wallets and banking applications alongside exclusive promotions.

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