Tomas Haupt - May 6, 2024
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According to recent reports, Pinterest has registered a whopping one billion travel-related searches between February 2023 and February 2024. This confirms the platform's enormous influence on inspiring travel enthusiasts.

Eight out of ten users visit Pinterest weekly to plan their summer vacations. These searches reveal that adventure, wellness, and disconnecting from technology are among the top travel trends. Additionally, travelers are increasingly interested in discovering distant, natural, and mysterious destinations.

Adventure Travels

According to Pinterest data, there has been a surge in interest among social media users in adventure activities. Searches related to adventure trips have gone up by 45% compared to the previous year. Pinterest has attributed this trend to the fact that adventure trips not only help people achieve their goals and feel fulfilled, but also promote personal growth, well-being, and sustainability.

Adventure travel trends

  • Luxury safari accommodation +110%
  • Diving photography +60%
  • Mountaineering +40%
  • Hiking +40%
  • Adventure camp +44%
  • Caves +40%
  • Water park attractions +170%
  • Trail +94%
  • Canoe navigation +35%
  • Train travel +90%

Safaris in Tanzania (+60%) and trips to the Amazon (+120%) are the most searched-for travel experiences.

Quiet Life and Destinations

There has been a growing desire for simplicity and unplugged living, which has extended to travel. Over the past year, there has been a 50% increase in searches for "quiet living" and a 42% increase in searches for "quiet places." People seek out nature destinations where they can disconnect from technology and enjoy peace and tranquility. Solo trips are trendy, allowing for freedom and autonomy in planning. These experiences promote personal well-being, whether on remote beaches or in the peaceful countryside.

Top searches for quiet trips

  • Solo trips +35%
  • Travel diary pages +155%
  • Glamping aesthetics +260%
  • Wellness Retreat Aesthetics +90%
  • Cabin in the mountains +180%
  • Village atmosphere +145%
  • Field +60%
  • Island Life +30%
  • Walks in the forest +30%
  • National park +250%

Among the most chosen destinations to experience a quiet life are Okinawa (+35%) and the English countryside (+31%).

Mysterious Places

There has been a rise in people's interest in exploring mysterious destinations. These locations offer a distinct experience of discovery, adventure, and contact with the unknown. People are attracted to exploring ancient cities or otherworldly landscapes in search of personal growth and transformation, making each journey an opportunity for self-discovery.

What mysterious sites are users searching for?

  • Places on Earth that seem unreal +240%
  • Mysterious places on Earth +40%
  • Haunted places +155%
  • Relaxing nature +340%
  • Ancient cities +75%
  • Abandoned sites +230%
  • Lost places +40%
  • Beautiful places in the world +150%

Machu Picchu and Edinburgh are the top mysterious travel destinations with the highest search rate, 190%, and 56%, respectively.

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