Laura Maudlin - Mar 4, 2024
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According to a survey conducted by Barceló Hotel Group on social networks, it is predicted that more than 56% of travelers will be splurging on luxurious amenities for their vacations, despite the trend of saving more due to inflation. Off-season travel is also in high demand.

Over 8,700 people from 20 countries participated in the survey, revealing the travel trends for 2024. Among the main trends, the profile of the "gastro-lover" stands out, with 76% of those surveyed saying they value the culinary traditions of the destination they are traveling to.

Based on the data, it has been revealed that 52% of travelers intend to prioritize rest and self-care experiences during their holidays this year. As a result, destinations and accommodations that offer exceptional wellness services, such as spas, sports centers, or activities like yoga, will be in high demand.

According to the survey, 26% of respondents prefer to actively participate in regenerative tourism through actions provided by the hotel, such as recycling clothes, collecting waste on the beach, and reducing water consumption in the shower. Meanwhile, 25% value using efficient energy systems and water conservation in hotels, while 22% consider reducing plastic use and implementing a zero-waste plan crucial.

The study also revealed that 2024 would be the year of memorable trips, with 79% of travelers willing to spend more on unique experiences, both locally and premium. On-demand tourism is also a growing trend, with 39% of respondents expecting experiences that fit their lifestyle, offering various options.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a considerable role in tourism by assisting travelers in planning their online trips. This will enable them to enjoy personalized offers and services.

In conclusion, there is a growing trend among travelers to take more frequent short breaks throughout the year instead of taking long trips during a specific holiday period. This trend is contributing to a progressive reduction in the seasonality of tourism. According to the survey, almost 40% of the participants prefer off-season travel instead of during a specific holiday period.

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