Denise Chen - Jun 27, 2011
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The Peruvian National Chamber of Tourism has revealed a plan to increase the number of foreign visitors. Great potential lies in Eastern European countries and in 2012 the Chamber will reveal a brand new campaign targeting tourists from this particular region.

Peru as a tourist destination has been experiencing a steady growth. It is very appealing for fans of ancient heritage and local Inca trail is one of its most precious attractions. However, the country still needs to develop its potential in order to reach out to more travelers and tourists markets. The local National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR) is working hard to create an effective strategy which will introduce new interesting destinations and bring more visitors from all over the world.

The President of CANATUR, Mr Carlos Canales Anchorena, recently revealed an initiative aimed to reach out to visitors from Eastern European and Nordic Countries as well as Russia. Bringing in more representatives from these countries will have a positive impact on promoting Peru abroad.

This year, tourism in Peru is estimated to bring some $3.2 billion; if these predictions come true, the figures will bring a 20% increase on previous year. One of the major factors which play an integral part in improving the industry is the recent launch of a new airline on the local market. Air France will operate a direct route from Paris to Lima five times a week from July onwards.

While Peruvian south is already an established tourist region, new projects are underway to lure foreign investment and diversify the choice of destinations. Selected projects with great investment potential feature the Moche Route or Peruvian Amazon. Improving local infrastructure has become a priority; the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has also recently announced the launch of 31 new domestic flights.


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