Anna Luebke - May 31, 2010
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One of Peru’s natural prides, the Huascaran National Park, is bound to lose its major attraction. The Pastoruri glacier has been disappearing quickly and there is no stopping it. A new tourist route through the park is drawing attention to global warming and the importance of people fighting back.


Peruvian mountains have long been attracting tourists with unforgettable hikes and journeys to discover ancient civilizations. Its natural beauty is a significant draw for tourism, an important source of the country’s income.

The Huascaran National Park, located in the mountain range Cordillera Blanca, has been luring hikers and mountaineers to step up to the challenge and admire the heavenly heights. The Pastoruri Mountain features a true highlight of the range, which is covered in snow all year long.

Sadly, as global warming inevitably spreads, the Pastoruri glacier lost 22% of its size in only forty years. To draw attention to the effects of global warming, the park is preparing a new tourist route.

The head of the park, Mr. Marco Arenas, perceives ‘The Climate Change Route’ not only as a warning, but also as an efficient means of educating the visitors. Tourists who come here will find signs marking the gradual disappearance of the glacier year by year.

Signs will delve into details and informative sign posts will discuss the effects of global warming through several scientific subjects. An interpretation center is part of the project, which aims to follow the evolution of earth and explain the climate changes it went through in the past.

The glacier is located in an impressive height of 5,250 meters above sea level, and while today its size reaches 8 km, within ten years, it may be much less. The end is tragically inevitable.

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