Dan Rang - Jun 16, 2023
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Paris has seen a notable increase in tourist attendance during the first quarter of the year, with tourist numbers approaching those seen in 2019. International tourists are spending more on average than they were pre-Covid.

Approximately 11.6 million tourists visited Greater Paris between January and April 2023, marking a 27.2% increase from 2022 and only a 2.5% decrease from 2019. Domestic tourists comprise over half of the visitors (53.3%), while the United States and the United Kingdom account for the most foreign tourists (7.0%). There have been changes in the presence of tourists from China, Korea, and Japan. Still, attendance from European countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Austria has increased, keeping overall numbers similar to those seen in 2019.

By 2023, Greater Paris is expected to attract more than 37 million tourists, slightly less than the 38.5 million visitors in 2019. However, international tourists are projected to spend more on average than in previous years, with the United States and Spain being the biggest spenders. Additionally, the number of business nights spent in hotels is close to pre-pandemic levels, and hotel occupancy rates have also improved.

Inflation and the Olympics' Effect

The only black spot is Paris, where prices have risen by 28% in four years to an average of 189 euros per night. There is the inflation effect, but this increase is similar in all capitals. The Olympics bring a lot of tourists, but many people have yet to come.

As part of its climate plan, the City of Paris is also working to reduce the carbon footprint of the tourism sector, which accounts for 10% of Île-de-France's GDP, by focusing on reducing single-use plastics and developing cycle tourism.

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