Pat Hyland - Jan 23, 2023
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A new study by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) reveals that the French capital is a leading urban destination. However, Chinese cities are serious competitors.

According to the report, conducted in partnership with Oxford Economics, Paris tops the list of the world's most powerful urban destinations, with a travel and tourism sector estimated to be worth nearly $36 billion in terms of direct contribution to the city's GDP.

To obtain this data, key indicators were analyzed such as the contribution of travel and tourism to GDP, employment, and traveler spending.

However, in the report the organization estimates that Paris will lose ground over the next 10 years, falling to third place in the rankings. This is despite an estimated contributing value of more than $49 billion.

London, Paris and New York Will Remain World Powers

Indeed, Chinese cities will increasingly attract visitors. Beijing is already on the second step of the podium of urban destinations, with tourism worth almost 33 billion dollars. According to the data, China's capital will take the top spot by 2032, with an estimated $77 billion in tourism.

Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, rounds out the podium, with a tourism sector valued at $31 billion in 2022. The city will also lose ground to Chinese cities in the coming years. Shanghai ($30 billion) is expected to become the second most powerful urban destination in 2032, with $71 billion. Las Vegas is the only city in the top 10 that holds its place, fifth.

"Major cities like London, Paris and New York will remain global powers, but in the next few years, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau will move up the list of top urban destinations," concludes Julia Simpson, WTTC president.

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