Chris Grad - May 18, 2015
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Two international sporting events that will take place in the coming months are expected to attract sport fans and tourists to Paraguay.

The "Guaraní-Dakar Challenge Series" will be run from July 20 to 25 and will cover the area of eight departments in the country. Then, the iconic road cycling competition known as the “Paraguay Stage of the Tour de France” will make its début from October 30 to November 1 this year.

"This excellent combination of tourism and sport shows us that it is possible to push the country image. These are two major events that will allow us to show all our potential. Let’s not forget that media coverage of the Guarani Challenge 2014 put us within the reach of 10 million readers and 50 million television viewers worldwide. This means that Paraguay has captured a special place to showcase itself internationally, "said the Tourism Minister Marcela Bacigalupo.

The Sports Minister, Victor Pecci, said that the support for these projects is a response to the stimulus they provide for not only professional, but also amateur sports. "Without government assistance, these events would not be possible," he stated.

He added that that the Guarani Challenge 2015 will pass through the most attractive areas of the country, while for the Stage of the Tour de France at least 1,000 mostly amateur cyclists are expected to participate. It will also include a stage for people with special needs. This cycling race is taking place according to the organizing standards of the legendary Tour de France, the world's most important road cycling race, and is open to all fans and enthusiasts of this sport, as well as professional cyclists who will be able to fulfill their dream of wearing the yellow "Maillot".

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