Larry Brain - May 11, 2009
Paraguay, still considered rather remote, is now luring tourists with a powerful variety of rare wildlife as well as the increasingly popular rural tourism – forget five star facilities and discover the ecofriendly paradise in the heart of South America. Paraguay is not exactly a touristy place yet for many travelers, this would actually be a true plus. Situated in the very heart of South America, its potential is amazing especially considering its natural richness. Specifically eco tourism is drawing attention to several regions – Chaco, Cerrado, Pampas, Pantanal, and Atlantic Forest feature a variety of precious animals as well as pristine environment which today seems harder and harder to find.Birdwatchers from all over the world come here to admire the vast variety of bird species. In fact, the latest count got very close to 690 species. Many enthusiasts agree that what is also a great asset of these areas is that the birds are always rather easy to spot due the relatively opened vegetation.  Apart from birds, one of the most unique places to visit is the so called ‘Three Giants Reserve’ (“Lost Tres Gigantes”) part of the Pantanal Region. Here, curious tourists may discover three species of highly endangered animals: the giant armadillo, the giant river otter and the giant anteater. Exploring the wild forests and vast wetlands is an adventure of a lifetime. Watch out for the reptiles as these are also plentiful. Paraguay is mostly a rural developing country and rural tourism is one of its firsts. Locals are more than welcoming and are open to letting the visitors see and try almost anything. Milking cows being no exception. Paraguay is simply the one remote place where you don’t fight your way through crowds of ever-hungry tourists. If you’re willing to sacrifice luxury for a dose of fresh, down-to-earth life and unspoilt natural beauty, do not waist a minute and set out on a life-altering adventure in South America. Related:BRAZIL: THE FIFTH MOST DEVELOPED DESTINATION IN AMERICAS

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  1. I have been traveling to Paraguay, for twice, last year. I was actually greatly surprise with this country, unexplored for tourism. So, you can feel as a traveler in a natural and rural environment. You will find nature and Culture, inlcuding the interesting manonites villages.
    Visiting the center and the north of the country, becomes an unfurgotable experience.
    If you wish any other recommendation, from the professional side.
    Best wishes

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