Sara Thopson - Oct 30, 2007
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As other African countries, the Federal Republic of Nigeria wants to diversify its economy. The country has most of its revenues from the oil industry and the tourism industry has therefore been underestimated. Nowadays there is a call for change. Nigerian officials plan to introduce changes that would boost the tourism industry and make it an important source of income for the country.


The country could be a wonderful tourism destination as there are tropical beaches, rain forest, savannahs, lively cities and rich cultures. Only few foreigners come to some parts of the country which should change in the future.  Nigerian officials believe that the country has a huge tourism potential. Governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State, for example, sees the Arochukwu and Azumiri Blue River as a possible draw for tourists.


On the other hand, tourism in Nigeria actually has undergone some progressive evolution. Nowadays the government sees that the country would be making a lot of money if it developed the tourism sector. Tourism Minister Frank Ogbuewu claims the federal government is now planning to set up a tourism bank in order to encourage greater participation of both local and foreign investors in the tourism sector in Nigeria. This should solve the problem of lack of infrastructure and loans facilities to prospective tourism practitioners. These schemes are supposed to boost the tourism soon.


The Federal Republic of Nigeria in fact is not completely untouched by tourism. The capital Abuja is known for holding a number of international meetings. The MICE sector works very well in this city therefore it creates jobs and opportunities in related businesses. The development of conferences’ facilities in the city is still continuing. Also, the hospitality services like restaurants are doing well in the capital city.

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