Gregory Dolgos - Jun 25, 2012
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Air Nigeria faces some serious consequences due to their unfit airplanes that have put passengers' lives to risk. After the crash of the Dana Air in Lagos, the entire national airline of Nigeria has been grounded by the country's Civil Aviation Authority for the concerns of safety.

The aircraft owned by the Dana Air flying from Abuja crashed in to a densely populated residential area of Lagos. Initial reports of the crash confirm that the plane was boarded by one hundred and fifty three people while the office of the Aviation Minister said that there were only one hundred and forty seven people on the plane. There were no survivors from the crash although there are still no reports about the on ground casualties. The reason for the plane crash is suspected to be for usage of faulty fuel.

All the check-in counters across the airports of Nigeria are closed and thousands of Air Nigeria's customers are left stranded. The engineers have gone on a strike two weeks ago and the airline is evidently suffering great financial troubles. John Nnorom, the former Finance Director of the Air Nigeria describe their planes to be "flying coffins" and also say that their engineers are in great pressure due to certifying unfit aircrafts for travel. Due to the financial crisis faced by national airline, their engineers were forced to certify and put the planes on air and so ultimately the safety of their passengers had been compromised.

Despite being banned from flying, Air Nigeria that also has planes travelling to London claim that their aircrafts are completely fit to fly and also say that it is the safest airline in Nigeria but unfortunately, the Dana Air crash speaks otherwise. The entire Nigeria's Aviation Authority has been put on alert and all the aircrafts have to be re-certified as fit-for-travel before they can start flying again.

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