Gary Diskin - Jul 23, 2015
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A staycation is universally defined as a vacation that is spent within a person’s home country as opposed to abroad. In today’s economy, a staycation is the most cost effective holiday for families as well as budget conscious individuals. The new UK and Ireland Staycation Guide makes the planning of a staycation much easier.

Let’s face it, our home towns and counties have a wealth of tourist appeal, history and depth that we miss due to our bustling schedules and demanding lifestyles. A staycation offers us the ideal opportunity to relax and explore our country in budget friendly style.

The local travel experts at Jurys Inn, have created a new guide of Staycations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and are able to help you uncover an incredible holiday adventure without venturing a great distance from home. These staycation packages offer you the opportunity to explore parts of Britain and Ireland via short outings, day trips and city visits. The user-friendly guide provides great information to plan an epic journey of exploration that leads to experiencing entertaining, historic, beautiful and iconic attractions that the collective areas have to offer. 

Staycation Steps

The guide recommends the following steps:

  • Browse the collection of recommended staycation that have been grouped by area.
  • Choose the staycation that best fits your vacation needs and desires.
  • Create an itinerary from the attractions that are listed as nearby.
  • Enjoy your staycation and start planning your next one.

Staycation Locations and Activities

We have reviewed the locations and activities on offer in this guide, and are happy to declare that it’s packed full of different things to see and do. Visit local museums or botanical gardens, relax at a poolside or a beach, go on a bike ride or a hike for a new experience and perspective of the area, enjoy a local production at the theatre, and much more – all in a lovely variety of locations, and from a central base that’s close enough to everything you might want to do. 

This simple but effective guide gets the thumbs up from us at the Tourism Review, so what are you waiting for? Go and explore the guide and then your country!

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