Joe McClain - May 4, 2009
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Czech travelers state they will change their traveling plans for summer 2009. Most will stay at home or go to the neighboring Slovakia.


Less Czech tourists are interested in traveling abroad for their summer holidays than last year. This is the result of a recent poll of Czech news server Czech citizens prefer either to buy a cheaper tour or simply to stay at home.

For instance, those who visited Caribbean last year state they will go for Egypt in 2009. Those who went to Egypt will visit Greece. Travelers with lower budget will either stay at home or visit the nearby and still popular Slovakia. Local service providers see this trend as an opportunity to profit from the current recession not only in tourism.       

Because of the weak Czech currency, tour operators organizing holidays abroad warn that they will be forced to increase the prices, which of course is not likely to encourage more travelers to visit foreign countries. On the other hand, changing prices and announcing their increase might be a smart marketing strategy convincing tourists to book and pay their vacation now.

According to the poll with almost 3.000 respondents at least one third of Czechs will stay at home this year. Almost 25 percent travelers will organize their trip on their own.


Czech Traveler Poll Results

Question: When are you going to buy your summer holiday?

1,8% As soon as possible. I am afraid of prices going up.

6,5% I don’t know yet – when something draws my attention.

17,8% I will try a Last Minute Tour.

16,3% I have already bought my summer holiday.

24,8% I will organize my holiday on my own.

32,8% I will not travel anywhere this summer.


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