Andrew J. Wein - May 13, 2013
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The most expensive tour is now available for any travelers with US$ 1.5 million on their bank account. The trip lasting for two years covers all of the 962 sites that are on the World Heritage List. Participation in the trip includes a donation of just over $14,000 to UNESCO.

The tour is organized by an English company Hurlingham Travel and although the price is rather high two people already booked their tour through 157 countries.

The organizers said that the package, sold as ‘ultra luxury’, actually offers good value for money if you consider how much some people are willing to pay for one or two weeks of vacation. Marcel Knobil, founder of the website, which offers the tour, said that in addition to the first two travelers, they received another 15 requests since launching the exclusive tourist proposal in March.

Participation in the trip includes a donation of $14,000 to UNESCO, which in 1978 started the list of sites with natural and cultural value. That year the destinations on the list included: the Aachen Cathedral (Germany), the historical center of Krakow (Poland), the city of Quito and the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) and Yellowstone National Park (USA), among others.

The price of the tour includes not only the enjoyment of the most beautiful and impressive places of the planet and the comfort of first class hotels, but also a ride in a gondola at night through the streets of Venice, champagne in crystal glasses in Murano, or massage therapy right after descending 3000 meters from Inca ruins.

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