Gregory Dolgos - Jan 9, 2012
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Zurich is the third most expensive city in the world with respect to prices of overnight stays in local hotels. East Asia on the other hand is the cheapest region.

Travelers who plan to stay in Zurich over night have to dig deeper in their pockets now. According to the statistics for 2011, the prices for Zurich hotel rooms are one of the highest in the world.

With the average price of 156.60 EUR per night in a hotel room, the city is in fact the most expensive in Europe and the third most expensive in the world following New York and Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to the strong franc the prices increased by 13 % on the previous year.

Moscow is the second most expensive city in Europe regarding hotel room prices that rose 10% in 2011. Today hotel guests pay on average 151 EUR per night. The third place goes to Oslo with 134.50 EUR a night, reported Htr.ch.

Travelers heading to the Eastern Europe however can expect the lowest prices. A hotel room in Warsaw costs 79 EUR (+9%), in Budapest 68 EUR (-0.4%) and in Prague 63 EUR (+6%).

New York on the other hand is the most expensive hotel city in the world. Compared to 2010 the prices increased by 14.5% and today visitors can expect to pay 180 EUR per night. In Rio de Janeiro the price for a hotel room is 175 EUR a night. The fourth most expensive city is Sydney with 154 EUR a night, where the prices increased by 16%.

The cheapest hotel accommodation can be found in East Asian cities. A night in a hotel costs on average 56 EUR in Beijing, 52 EUR in Kuala Lumpur, and 50 EUR in Bangkok.

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