Tourism Review News Desk - May 4, 2015

Have you ever gone to a resort and found the Jacuzzi monopolized by a family of six? Congratulations! You have met one of the most unbearable types of a holidaymaker to be found. Here is a short list of the world’s most annoying tourists, according to the "Thrillist" website.

1. The type who complains about everything so they will get stuff for free. It is said that the customer is always right, but some go-getters take this a bit too far. You can find them at the airport, asking for compensation because their flight is "delayed," or at the hotel, claiming that the "noisy neighbours" kept them awake. They use every trick in the book to get some benefit.

2. Pool and Jacuzzi Hogs. These amazing guests spend hour after hour in the hotel’s pool or Jacuzzi, drinking, having fun and acting as if they were the only ones there. The sign says you should not stay in the Jacuzzi for more than 20 minutes.

3. The Exhibitionist. Of course, it is not a bad idea to show a little skin, but those walking about wearing almost nothing are something else. No one wants to sit next to your sweaty torso just because you thought going around like that is appropriate.

4. The Backpacker who has come "to find himself." When travelling to places like Southeast Asia and we hear the expression "to find oneself," we normally think of super intense people. If you have adopted a Buddhist name, read spiritual quest blogs or you have a tattoo with Chinese characters, we are talking about you.

5. The “Instagrammer.” They show us the presidential suite in the luxury hotel where they are staying, just days after uploading a million pictures of the exotic bungalow in Tahiti, where they also stayed. Luckily you have the opportunity to follow their adventures from your cubicle.

6. The Facebookie. He is almost the same as the Instagram show-off, except that he checks-in absolutely anywhere: airports, restaurants, beaches, public toilets, random streets, basically anywhere his phone has a signal and a charged battery.

7. Problem Passengers. A full flight is like a box of chocolates: you never know which passenger you will be sitting beside: the one with the constant cough, the talkative type and the one who just loves to recline his seat. The list goes on and on. . . .

8. The type who finds the food disgusting. Eating typical dishes and trying new things makes the trip an enriching experience. But not so for some tourists who miss no opportunity to go to a Burger King when they are 10 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. Whether it is because they lack a sense of adventure, suffer from allergies or miss home, they make all tourists look bad.

9. The type who never leaves a tip. It is in very bad taste to go to a country where tipping is the norm and not observe the protocol, pretending to be ignorant. It is our responsibility to remind them.

10. The type who haggles over everything. In some countries, haggling is a common ritual and everyone does it. But haggling angrily over absolutely everything is taking things to the extreme.

11. The Boring Type. Here you see the importance of choosing your travelling companion wisely. This tourist never wants to see, do or learn anything. Relaxing in the hotel is their idea of ​​a perfect day. And when finally you drag them to a new restaurant they show indifference towards everything.

12. The novice traveller who suddenly knows everything. The know-it-all novice did extensive research on the destination before traveling. They will boldly tell you all about the place you are visiting and what you should expect from each place on the itinerary. The problem: more often than it seems, their information is completely wrong.

13. Selfish Adults. Whenever you travel, you will find children playing with their chair in the restaurant, at 10 pm on Tuesday; or shouting during a concert at night. We know that they should be sleeping, but apparently their parents do not. They prefer to drag their children with them wherever they go.

14. The Friendly Couple. Is it possible to be uncomfortably friendly? When you are travelling, the answer is yes. The friendly young couple will be there to invade your personal space, suspiciously interested in your life story and expecting you to listen to theirs. Cruises and hotel bars are their natural habitat.

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