Chris Grad - Dec 2, 2008

When travelling is analyzed, it seems that it is an industry entirely based on pleasure. Most people look forward to their hard-earned holiday every year, flying is supposed to be a comfortable way of travelling and the airport staff usually have such smiles on their face that they look like they are advertising a new brand of whitening toothpaste. However, a recent online survey by TripAdvisor has shown that there are many things, which annoy both passengers and airport staff. After reading some of the travelers’ comments and attitudes, one would be tempted to think of travelling by plane or working on one being some form of torture, hardly recognizable from a so-called pleasure industry.

As with many areas of life, the Americans were the targets of many peoples’ anger in the survey. They were voted the most annoying passengers, with their accent being the most mentioned cause for complaint. Similarly, Americans are supposed to be the worst culprits in terms of airline staff’s pet hates. For example, a common hate is to see passengers holding a boarding pass in their mouth before handing it over for inspection. Americans are allegedly the worst culprits for asking stupid questions relating to things, which others understand immediately or work out for themselves. Asking where the gate is despite clear indicators being everywhere is a common problem.

The French got the silver medal for the most annoying tourist award, with the Germans picking up bronze. The British and the Chinese picked up an equal 6% of the votes. Regardless of nationality, there were many pet hates revealed on board. The most annoying thing for airline passengers is having the seat kicked by a child. Armrest hogging, reading materials over peoples’ shoulders, overweight people, smelly passengers, people getting up before the seatbelt sign is off and loud mobile telephone conversations were all revealed to be big disadvantages of flying.

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