Joe McClain - May 3, 2010

The strengths of Moroccan tourism industry were discussed at a recent conference in Moscow. The speakers highlighted the potential of the country to achieve significant position on the global tourism market.


Morocco regards tourism as one of the main industries contributing to the economy of the country. “Given Morocco’s natural and human resources the country has the potential of achieving a significant position on the world tourism market," said Morocco's ambassador to Russia, Mr. Abdelkader Lachhab at a recent conference on the strengths of tourism at the University of Languages in Moscow

According to him although the global tourism had to undergo a difficult period thanks to the economic downturn, the Moroccan travel trade managed to face the challenges in an adequate way.

"The current Morocco's ambition to position itself strongly on new markets besides our traditional markets, reflects the new dynamics of the country and a focus on the areas of our industry with the highest potential for development", said Lachhab, quoted by

According to him for instance on the Russian market Morocco managed to boost its presence over the last three years quite substantially. He expects the number of Russian tourists visiting the North African country to increase this year from 30,000 to 50,000 tourists compared to 2009. 

Among the strengths of the Moroccan tourism industry discussed at the conference were geographic diversity, its historical and cultural legacy as well as the country’s proximity to Europe.

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