Cecilia Garland - Mar 15, 2010
Morocco has recently invested heavily in its tourism industry, trying to seize the opportunity to lure tourists from south European nations. A large amount of new resorts are expected to bring an increase of 10% in tourist arrivals this year. Investors from the Arabian Gulf, Europe and North America have recently invested a large amount of cash into North African countries, particularly Morocco. The idea behind the investments is that seaside resort countries such as Greece and Spain in Europe have been suffering due to the economic crisis. Furthermore, they are part of the Euro zone, so tourists have been looking slightly further away for a cheaper and more original way of enjoying sun, sea and sand.A variety of investing companies have been responsible for the creation of a number of resorts, which have in turn created over 250,000 hotel beds for potential tourists to Morocco. The Moroccans are also relying on budget airlines continuing to offer cheap flights from Europe in order to tempt tourists to turn away from their traditional destinations.The aim is to have a 10% increase in tourist numbers this year and to even continue investments into hotels, advertisements and promoting Morocco as a great alternative for sun seekers. Arrivals from foreign countries did actually go up in 2009 (by 6%), yet tourists spent less money than in the previous year (-5.7%). However, the industry and government officials are confidant that Morocco will see a turnaround in fortunes and that the new investments will reap their rewards. The pressure factor is getting a lot higher as the investors will soon want to see a return on their money. A huge level of importance has been placed on marketing activities and shifting the image of Morocco away from being a poor African country. Related:AFRICAN DESTINATIONS STILL MORE POPULAR MOROCCO FIGHTS OFF CRISIS BY TOURISM

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