Andrea Hausold - Dec 20, 2010

Morocco hopes to attract more tourists to its Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal regions. In fact, it aims to double the amount of incoming tourists by 2020.


The figures speak for themselves: in 2001, 4.4 million tourists came to Morocco whereas 9.2 million arrived in 2010. Taking into account the global financial crisis, increasing worries about visiting Muslim countries and strong competition in tourism industry, it is quite an achievement. However, the Moroccans are not stopping there, and plan to double these figures by 2020, and they have the will and the cash to do it.

Morocco’s cause has so far been well backed by many Arab pledges and there is no sign that the trend will not continue. King Mohammed VI of Morocco has made it clear that tourism and its promotion is a top priority for his country in years to come that is why there are great efforts on an external and internal basis. Apart from the obvious financial advantages, an increase in inbound tourism would open Morocco up to a greater level of cultural awareness, which, in most cases, improves the standards of the country itself.

Another massive advantage is in the job market. As many developing countries all over the world do, Morocco relies heavily on tourism to keep people at work and one of the intentions behind the new promotion plan is to create around 147,000 jobs in tourism. Thanks to the success in recent years, the targets set in Morocco are not unrealistic.

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  1. The picture following this article represents Sponza palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the article has nothing to do with Croatia or Dubrovnik, so please change the picture so you do not mislead you readers.
    Thank you!

    Mate Kapovic (Croatia)
  2. Morocco is absolutely beautiful. It is too bad that they do not understand customer service at the crown corp. level. Royal Air Maroc is staffed with very il-mannered self-serving pompus agents. In a country where the majority live in humble communities, the arrogant few that are lucky enough to get a job as good as working in RAM should focus on customer service. The King has to wake up and field some of the complaints that are stopping tourists from returning. Too bad... such a wonderful place with great culture and customs.... and lovely people... as long as you stay away from Royal Air Maroc.

    Lucy Dah (Canada)
  3. It has been several years since we have enjoyed the love that Marocco give its tourists. We are going back next year and can't wait. Mooloolaba Accommodation

    Mooloolaba beach (Australia)

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