Andrew J. Wein - Jun 9, 2014
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A new Skyskanner global survey has shown that 56% of Italians are trying to organise a holiday in summer 2014 but they are doing so with a clear budget and focus on their expenditure; 48% of those asked are hoping to stick to limit of below €1,200 and 26% are aiming to stay below €600. This data shows that the annual holiday is still a necessity, not a luxury, in Italy and many Italians are finding a way to achieve it, such as following tips on the best times to book and ways spend their budget wisely and dedicating themselves to a new mindset of value and spending limitations. 

More of Italy's youth are looking to budget for their holidays than before and there are some interesting figures for male and female travellers.

The results of this Skyskanner survey show new spending trends among the youth of the country that are shaping their attempts to have their summer holiday. Out of those asked who say they are looking to stick to a budget, 64% were aged between just 18-24 and 6% of this group said that it was something they had not done in the past, suggesting that this budget is more of a forced spending limit due to financial situations than a new, generally thrifty nature. There is also a difference between the genders that is not expected by everyone. Women are perhaps stereotypically seen as happier to spend money on holidays but, when compared to the average expected spend of €1,989, women generally fall bellow this at €1,663 while men go above at €2,313. Additionally, 76% of men have a fixed limit compared to 79% of women and while 25% of women are expected to go over this limit, so will 30% of men. 

Whether those surveyed stick this budget or end up exceeding their personally-imposed restrictions – something that 28% of respondents say they will probably do – there are still some clear changes in the mindsets of Italy's travellers. Spending limits are becoming more common but that is not stopping them from booking.

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