Pat Hyland - Oct 9, 2017
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Thinking of hotel run by robots is creepy? What sounds like a fantasy movie is reality in Japan. Instead of human employees, a local hotel is in the hands of robots. Even though this is an extreme example, innovative robot technologies are used in various areas of the hotel industry. So where exactly can one encounter such innovations?

Mario in Belgium

Since 2015, guests at the Ghent Marriott hotel in Belgium are welcomed by the hotel’s humanoid Mario. Today, the robot has achieved cult status and became the local social media star. The robot is an all-rounder and supports the guests at all locations in the hotel. Guests can meet the 56-centimeter humanoid during check-in and can inquire about events and bus schedules in the lobby. Moreover, they can ask questions about the breakfast buffet and much more. It is also helpful that Mario can speak and understand 19 languages.

Robot-only Hotel

The Henn-na hotel in Japan is the world’s first “no human employees” hotel. Instead of humans, guests are welcomed by a robot in the form of a multilingual T-Rex. Afterwards, the baggage is transported to the room by another robot. Even if no human employees can be seen in the hotel, guests need not worry about their safety. The Henn-na hotel is equipped with numerous security cameras, behind which people keep an eye on the hustle and bustle.

Luggage Storage Robot

If you need to temporarily store your luggage at the Yotel hotel in New York, the futuristic Luggage Storage Robot in the lobby will take care of it. The robot puts the luggage safely behind the safety glass in one of the 133 storage lockers. And how does one get his suitcase back? When you use this service, you receive a barcode, which you only have to scan when returning for your luggage.

This and much more may be the future and present of the hotel industry sooner than many of us think. Many innovations are still just planned and developed, but some are already fully used in the most modern hotels around the world. With such tendencies, an robot-only hotel industry is supposedly just a matter of time and finances.

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