Nils Kraus - Oct 8, 2012
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Malaysia's tourism industry has been consistently improving for the past few years. Driving more that 24.7 million foreign tourists annually, Malaysia's Ministry of Tourism has seen these improvements to have a great advantage for the country's economy contributing millions of dollars. In order to keep up the good work in attracting foreign tourists, the Ministry of Tourism decided to redefine its tourism marketing strategies.

Just recently, Malaysia's Tourism Minister Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen has officially revealed the newest tourism campaign of the country called 'Luxury Malaysia'. It mainly targets the high end-market. He said during a press conference at the PATA Travel Mart that there is a need to concentrate on providing foreign travelers with the highest quality of products and services possible along with the goal of having an estimated 36 million of tourist arrivals by 2020.

The country also plans to generate US$54.8 million from the tourism industry by the same year. All of these projections are taken into account by the planning in-charge officer Dato Azizan Norrdin, Deputy Director General of Tourism Malaysia.

Tourism industry players are in support of the campaign. They also recognized the strong necessity to continually attract high spending tourists by providing them with the highest quality services packed with remarkable experiences that will keep the tourists coming back and encourage them to even explore the true beauty of Malaysia.

Deputy Director General Dato Azizan Norrdin have also announced some of the latest products to be offered for their newest tourism campaign. Some of these luxury services include helicopter tours in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, and even around the peninsula. There will also be available private jets with its own terminal at Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur. High-class hotels will also be highlighted most especially those located in Langkawi and Pangkor islands. With that, there will also be new facilities to be established such as exclusive golf courses, first-class luxury shopping malls and spa sanctuaries.

Besides focusing on establishing luxurious facilities, the Ministry of Tourism has also seen Malaysia's diverse culture as an important factor that will also attract more tourists. The country's art festival for instance which runs from the months of June to September turns Malaysia into a breaking ground of fine arts offering the visitors with souvenirs made out of authentic Malaysian creativity. The Deputy Director further said that they will be conducting major promotions to uphold the latest tourism breakthrough.

For the past three years (2009-2011), the total increases of foreign arrivals have only reached 4.66% which is the equivalent of an annual average growth of 1.5%. But since the beginning of the year 2012 there had been a significant progress in the total number of foreign arrivals amounting to 2.4% which is relatively higher compared to 1.5%.

Meanwhile, Luxurious Malaysia turned the country into a new place for luxurious tourism which eventually becomes the newest edge of Malaysia towards being a newly industrialized country. As a revolutionized venture in the country's tourism industry, the Luxury Malaysia campaign is expected to primarily help the country to generate more revenues especially during the time when the economy is stagnant.

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