Dan Rang - Nov 12, 2012
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Malaysia is now up again to promote yet another attraction. But this time, it is neither its tropical islands, white sand beaches nor its untouched rainforest; but its hospitals and clinics. The government aims to constantly innovate its medical tourism industry and eventually make Malaysia as one of Asia's best destinations for healthcare travel.

Malaysia's Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai announced just recently that the country's exemplary and very affordable rates of medical services are going to be Malaysia's edge over others. He added that these two aspects are the ones that attract more and more foreign patients from all around the world. In fact, foreign patients' arrivals reached a remarkable 48% increase in the year 2011 compared to previous year's statistics.

The most common services acquired by foreign patients include knee replacement, cardio-vascular care and cancer treatments. Liow highlighted during the opening ceremony of the International Healthcare Travel Expo 2012 that Malaysia is now recognized by the world for its excellent orthopedic treatments.

Liow also added that the government is trying its very best to support Malaysia's medical tourism industry. The government had even established Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council which is an agency that promotes the country's healthcare unit by setting up hotlines dedicated to global inquiries and some other activities that should uplift Malaysia's medical tourism industry.

Liow also said during a press conference that Malaysia's Health Ministry is looking forward to building stronger bilateral relationship with Bangladesh, China, Korea, Nepal and Myanmar as these are the countries which contribute the most to Malaysia's growing medical tourism industry.

Meanwhile, aside from the modern treatments that are currently available in the country, Malaysia is also up to promote traditional medicine as the country is also known to have abundant herbal plants which are now developed for its medicinal and supplemental uses. Traditional treatments particularly acupuncture which is originally from China is also being popularized in Malaysia.

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