Bill Alen - Apr 15, 2012
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Travelers looking for relaxing sun and beach holidays should consider Magaluf. It is among the best known holiday resorts on the south west coast of Majorca.

The reason why Magaluf is a popular destination is that it is vibrant and has an exciting nightlife apart from having a relaxing surrounding during the day. If you are one who enjoys savory, you will love the restaurants as there are many that serve British, Spanish and Italian foods.

The three main beaches here, which are Palma Nova, Magaluf and Majorca, are all lavished with white sand. This will make you enjoy the sea and sun that you will find here. Beaches are not the only attractions that will make your stay at Magaluf enjoyable though.

There are many other activities including water sports, land sport, things to see and places to visit and much, much more. The good thing about these beaches is that they are backed with little bars and hotels. Any tour operator offering cheap holidays to Magaluf will highlight the local beaches that are perfect for budget travelers.

Participating in water sports can sure be a way of adventure. What more – you don’t really have to be an expert. A novice can even have his or her day in the water taking part in water skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing, sailing and even scuba diving.

You do not need to worry about safety as the waters are very smooth and are therefore ideal playgrounds. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy the water your whole family. You can also decide to take a water trip in a glass bottomed boat where you will have plenty of opportunity to view the water life.

Have you ever seen an upside down house? Well, the house of Katmandu is a very big upside down Tibetan mansion. Here, visitors are taken through various rooms which narrate the story of Kilgore Goode who was a man of adventure and was on a lifelong sojourn for a red jewel.

You will explore rooms such as the Chamber of Pain, the Library of Illusions, the Galley of Plunders, the Cave of Shivers and the Genetic Lab. As you move from one room to another your suspense builds as you think that there is more to be seen than what you saw in the previous room.

Furthermore, you can get an actual feel of Goode's explorations as there is a 4D motion cinema that is about six rides nearby. The special effects here and the 3D glasses are specifically designed for your actual feel.

The Pirates adventure will also take your breath away. Here, dinner is taken in accordance with a pirate theme and you experience short dialogue throughout. If you are faint-hearted, you do not want to try out the Magaluf Bungee rocket human catapult. This is located on the Calle Punta Balena.

Magaluf is also a place that is filled with extraordinary nightlife. The largest and most popular club is the BCM Planet Dance. If you think about it, BCM is the only club in Mallorca that can rival the ones found in Ibiza. You will get free merchandise, experience a foam party and so on. All in all, Magaluf is the ultimate tourist destination as it has everything for everyone.

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