Sara Thopson - Jun 18, 2013
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The long summer holidays are fast approaching and if you’re looking for somewhere with some exciting history as well as the usual sun and sea, Majorca is an ideal destination.

If you and your family like seeing fascinating natural bits of history then when you visit Majorca you must make time to come and see the Coves del Drac (Caves of the Dragon), also known as the Drach Caves (Dragon Caves). These four old caves steeped in myth and mystery sit about half a mile from the Portocristo area of Majorca and have been known about for the last 300 years.

In the 14th century the governor of Majorca sent his men down into the caves to seek out the missing treasures of the Knights Templar, but it’s not known whether they were successful in finding anything. The name Dragon Caves comes from when pirates supposedly used the caves to store their stolen treasure under the watchful guard of the resident dragon!

Whoever inhabited them, it’s fair to say they would not have ventured too far into the darkness of the caves, as after about 600 feet you lose sight of the opening. Nowadays the caves are perfectly safe to visit of course and you’re unlikely to meet any pirates or dragons, but it will be exciting for kids (and adults) to know about the fascinating legends behind the caves!

In 1935 a local man called John Servera bought the caves and the surrounding area and lit up the inside with coloured fairy lights. Today, the caves look pretty much the same as they did in the 30s. When you visit you’ll enter the cavern area before descending down paths of stalagmites and stalactites of all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes. As awesome as the caves look you’re not allowed to take photographs so you’ll have to settle for your memory and plenty of postcards instead.

You can choose to visit the Drach Caves as part of a day trip or excursion or on your own; it’s entirely up to you. There are no masses in the way of accommodation in the area, but a short car journey away in Calas de Majorca is the HSM Canarios Park, a reputable three-star family hotel. If you visit the caves on your own you can hire a taxi or car (public transport to the area is not great) and if you like the idea of a pre-booked excursion, speak to your hotel or holiday rep and see what they recommend.

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